Nov 3 2016
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New Clients


Nov 3 2016
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Pro-Bono work


Being a Veteran is an important duty. Fulfilling those duties can sometimes have unexpected consequences. When our veterans come back from full-filling those duties lees than they once were. Smoky Mountain Service Dogs provides a fully trained service dog to those veterans with a need to become whole again. I fully support this company and their goal to give our warriors their lives back. Having a service dog gives them the confidence needed to continue living just like when they began their duties.


NEW Radio Free Nashville LogoRadio Free Nashville brings back the Radio how it use to be. With a person who knows the music for what it is, not a computer that has no soul. Vinyl records and commentary about the music is where this station is above the rest. Like it should be.

Sep 16 2012
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Black Abbey Logo Final Trademark paperwork

I want to thank my friends John, Carl and Michael of Black Abbey Brewing Company for giving me the chance to develop their branding. This is the first time any client of mine has went the extra mile to have their branding Trademarked. This gives me great pleasure to see my work locked into stone if you will. I look forward to many great years of development of their products and awesome selection of beer. Cheers!




Aug 28 2009
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Working with Great Clients

Today One of my great clients came by to update his website I’m working on so I’m going to use this as an opportunity to show him what this internet is all about.

Brad Fillers, one of my buddies in the local BNI group has a landscaping company and is interested in getting his business represented online.DSC02170

So this is a perfect opportunity to show him the ropes of a WordPress site.